Fornaszewski Music is located just 2 Blocks from The Granite City High School & Coolidge Middle School, and rents great sounding, reliable musical instruments for beginning and advancing players of all ages, including:

  • Alto Saxophone (temporarily out)
  • Bell Kit w/ Pad - 20 p/mo
  • Bell Kit w/Snare Drum 40 p/mo
  • Cello - 50 p/mo
  • Clarinet - 20 p/mo
  • Flute - 20 p/mo
  • French Horn - 60 p/mo
  • Tenor Saxophone - 50 p/mo
  • Trombone - 30 p/mo
  • Trumpet - 20 p/mo
  • Snare Drum Kit - 20 p/mo
  • Violin - 25 p/mo

imageSince 1963, Fornaszewski Music has made it easy & affordable to play a musical instrument - without excuses, complications, or high costs.

OUR LOW RATES INCLUDE MAINTENANCE Renting from Fornaszewski Music provides you with both, the convenience and peace of mind in having a reliable working musical instrument that is always ready to make music. If something needs adjusting, bring it in and we'll get you back up and running. Our simple-easy contract has No hidden charges, No surprises, No tricks, and No gimmicks. Purchase or return your instrument anytime to stop renting without penalty. Renter discounts can be applied to music books, mouthpieces, and supplies.

Rent Now in 3 Easy Steps:

  • Step 1: Confirm email / View terms / Complete online application.
  • Step 2: Schedule instrument pickup / Make secure payment.
  • Step 3: Pickup at store / Start making music!